About me

I’m Emily, a 17 year old girl from Spain. I’d love to share my life with all of you and for those new, who haven’t read anything yet, I just wanna tell you that I’m an open-minded person, cheerful and I really like to express my feelings through words.

As for my hobbies and thins I like to  do, tennis and paddle are my main sports, I also like to go to the gym and exercise myself, I am a little lazy though, should I not go with a friend, you’d never see me there!. I love listening to music, from the modern   such as rihanna, eminem, pitbull or katy perry and countless others, to the beatles, queen or michael jackson.

I wanna say that this blog is not just about my life, but also about who I am and trying to be, about finding myself and thinking about the world that surrounds me. I want this  to help people see the world with a different perspective and I would love for those of you who want, to comment or ask me something that hasn’t been clear!

If you ever wanna contact me, here is my e-mail account: emilyevans132@hotmail.com



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