A day to remember

Every day is a new adventure, you may think how it’s going to be at the beginning but in the end, it can go completely different than what you expected in the first place. For instance, I thought today was going to be a really lazy day with nothing to do ’cause I woke up late and, trust me, when I sleep till noon, there’s nothing you can do to convince me into going anywhere rather near my couch hahaha.

However, today was my grandmother’s birthday so I couldn’t just pass from the family meal, and it was actually pretty great! I got to talk with my cousins, eat ( really tasty food I may say), and most importantly have an amazing time with my loving grandmother! It has been a day to remember.

Usually, I wouldn’t be really excited about hanging out with my family, ’cause we all know how bad or boring that can turn out to be. I’m glad this time was good, I hope that the following family meals are as entertaining as this one!

With that said, I just wanted to add, after what I wrote at the beginning, that no matter what you expect from anything, it can always turn out to be so much different than you thought! I hope you all had an amazing start of the year!