“Fashion fades, only style remains the same” – Coco Chanel

It’s been a while since I last wrote a post. I’ve been really caugh up with work stuff and exams, it’s been crazy! I’m glad I have a little bit of time to write something about me, like one of my hobbies and thing I like, in this case, cause I’ve really missed it! It’s so different when you are on vacation and you can write an entry every day! Well leaving this aside, just apologise for not having written in so long and let’s go to the aim of this post.

Today I’m going to talk about style. There is so much that comes to your mind when you think about it: fashion, outlook, outfit, posture, power… Style isn’t something you build up on a day, it isn’t about dressing with the most expensive brands or let others pick your clothes because it makes you fancier. Style is a way of life, it’s about showing yourself, your personality and your feelings through clothes. It’s about people knowing who you are by just looking at you. That is why it’s so important that everybody has it’s own style. Why then would there be gothic or punk or hippie, etc. These are peolple that live in a certain way and express it through what they wear.

The same happens with celebrities and “it girls”. These are the ones that I like the most. The way they combine a bunch of colours and a series of pants, trousers, skirts with the most varied shoes, that are my weakness! I just love going through vogue or elle magazines looking for new outfits they wear. However, as I’ve said before, each one should have their own stlyle, with their own trending and chic things. It’s  not bad though, to have someone as a model, to whom to aspire to. In the end, we all relate to each other somehow.

“Create your own style… let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.” 
― Anna Wintour


Lovely <3