Hello sweeties! just thought you may wanna know more about me!

That is in fact, that I really like to travel, it’s one of my passions. Each year I go on a trip with my family. So far we have gone to Paris, Austria, United States (Washington and NY), Norway and Italy. I really enjoyed going there and I am so happy that I had the opportunity to visit all those places, however, I have forgotten some countries because I was little when we went there, so dor the last couple of years at summer, I’ve done a little bit of travelling myself.

Two years ago I went for  a month to Rome, Italy as a volunteer with two more friends. It was an amazing experience, I loved everything, the people I met, the food, the culture, the fashion, everything; I’ll never forget my time there. Last summer I went to Pittsburgh, PA as an exchange student and I was so lucky because the family I was with, were th nicest people in the world. They took me to visit and their daughter, that was my age, took me with her friends and neighbours. It was a cultural learning experience! This summer, I’ve been to La côte d’Azur, France for 3 weeks, where I stayed with a family and attended to classes in the morning and visited during the afternoon with other kids from my program. I was actually staying in St Raphael but I got to visit St Tropez, Nice, Antibes, Cannes, it was just great!

Despite having done some tourism, I may say I would like to explore new frontiers, expand my journeys to new boundaries. I may say that I’d also like to visit some of those places again because with just one time I didn’t get the real taste of them, maybe just one flavour of the tons of varieties they offered!

I don’t know what the future holds, but one thig is for sure, there is a whole world out there.



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